“The aim of life is to live and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware”
Henry Miller

Recently I was on the exercise bike at the gym.  I hadn’t been in a while as I’d been a bit low with a virus thing going on.  Anyway as I was pedaling I became aware of the motion of the pedals and the question arose, ‘what is propelling the pedals, is it my energy pushing the pedals down or is it the energy of the pedal coming up and meeting my foot that is keeping things in motion?’  That question led to a whole string of other questions. Am I constantly pushing energy out from inside me and, if so, where is it going, how do I spend that precious resource and importantly does it come back, how am I nourished, where do I derive my energy from?  How am I sustaining the motion, indeed am I sustaining the motion, how aware am I of that, how do I achieve the right balance between energy in and energy out … and I’m not talking weight and calories here but life force, vitality, the essence of me.  If I’m honest just reading all that back makes me feel exhausted.

Bringing awareness to these questions confirmed in me that I have been letting things lapse, that I need to be vigilant in husbanding my energies to build in more of what sustains me, to be aware of what drains me and strike a balance.  There are also a lot of parallels between this and what clients bring to our conversations too and I was reminded to take my own medicine!

For me this means two things.

Firstly, getting back to the basics of good nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Secondly,  ensuring I am getting the needs of my strengths met so I feel more energised.  In my case that’s connecting with nature by getting outside more and connecting with like-minded people to collaborate and spark ideas off each other.  It means ensuring I maximise my time and resources and having a clear plan of action to enable me to do that. Above all, that I am growing and learning something new, not stagnating.

So, I wonder, where do you get your energy from? How do you restore it when it slips off balance and how do you notice?  Maybe take some steps to develop awareness of what feeds you and plan to do more of it.