Come to the Edge

Can you imagine what it must have been like on the day that it became common knowledge that the earth was not flat and you could not fall of the edge of it; to realise that you had put limits on how far you could go and it was all in your head, that it simply wasn’t true!

I wonder if anybody actually knew somebody who lived on the edge of the world or if anyone had ever actually fallen off? Now that would have gone viral! Surely somebody must have known someone who lived at 199 Edge Lane for us to know there was an edge mustn’t they?

Ok, so I am being ridiculous. But it’s fair to say that whether you believed the earth was flat or believed it was round depended on who you talked to and, certainly amongst the general public, what the commonly held belief was. It had little to do with hard evidence.  How many times in history has progress been limited by the popular press, the commonly held belief, without substantial evidence to back it up other than it has come from a ‘trusted source’ or expert.

It’s interesting that once Roger Bannister smashed through the long held, scientifically based, experts belief that running a 4 minute mile was impossible and that a man would die in the attempt, his time was quickly and consistently beaten several times over… because people knew it was possible.  They believed they could.

We know these stories and yet, as human beings we still choose to limit our own achievements by holding onto beliefs which we have adopted, often because they have come from someone we trust or because we have made a generalised assumption based on a one-time occurrence.   They become so much a part of the fabric of our lives and the way we see things that we fail to question them, fail even to notice they are operating within us and holding us back.

The question is where are you under achieving in your own life?  Where is your thinking getting in the way of possibility and blocking your creativity and motivation?  Next time you find yourself saying, “I can’t because…”, ask yourself:

  • “Why not?
  • Who says so?
  • What proof do I have?
  • How would I approach this if I believed it is possible?”

You might surprise yourself .